Are you looking for the best roll-up door slide latch for your commercial mini storage? Or maybe you are wondering about how these latches could be helpful in roll-up doors?

Well, you have come to the right place, my friend. This article will help you clarify the concepts of the best usage of slide latches in roll-up doors. It is safeguarding against unauthorized access.

The roll up door slide latch keeps the roll-up door closed and secure. A roll-up door slide latch provides a practical, low-cost hardware solution.

Provide Best Security For Your Storage

Benefits of roll-up door slide latch include a face-lift to your property and increased peace of mind by having a secure door. If you have children, then you can be sure that they’ll be safe and sound behind a roll-up door.

As no long cords are hanging down, they won’t be able to get tangled up in them or use them as a swinging rope. Roll-up door slide latches are designed to secure the roll-up door when it is in a closed position.

This roll-up door slide latch is made of high-quality metal. It is designed to control the locking and unlocking of a roll-up door.

Designed And Manufactured By Heavy Duty Steel

Roll-up door slide latches are made of heavy-duty steel and are designed to secure the bottom sliding section of your roll-up door. They bolt on quickly to the bottom bar of any roll-up door. We offer pads in various lengths.

Our slide latch pads measure 1-5/16″ x 5-1/2″ – making them perfect replacements for worn or rusted-out slide latches. A Roll Up Door Slide Latch secures your door and keeps intruders out.

This compact, the heavy-duty lock is made of metal with a smooth black finish. It has an adjustable keyed locking bolt that is easy to install and use. The Roll Up Door Slide Latch is the perfect way to keep your door in place and make sure it stays shut.

Use For Commercial Rolling Doors Lock

We got your back. The roll-up door slide latch is used in all commercial steel rolling doors, roll-up doors, and roll-up gates. The roll-up door components include a slide latch lock, triangular endplate, and slide bolt latch. It’s easy to replace.

Secure and convenient slide latch for rolling steel doors. Keyed lock with 6-pin cylinder with key and dust cover. Roll-up door latch comes with GAVIAL stud for easy installation and use.

This roll-up door slide latch is designed to replace a damaged or missing “T” shaped slide latch on a roll-up door. Slide latches are used on roll-up doors as a means of closing them securely and keeping fingers and other body parts out of the path of the door so they do not get pinched when it is being opened or closed.

Provide Security In Multiple Fields

Roll-up doors are used for many different applications. They may be used as an exterior entryway on a business, in a shed, like a garage door, and even in trucks. Many of these roll-up doors have slide bolts that must be manually l

QMI’s Slide Latch provides a quick, cost-effective remedy for uncontrolled doors. It mounts easily to the wall, jamb, or entry with self-drilling screws and is mounted on a ball-bearing armature so there is no slack in the assembly.

Double locking lugs engage on the floor and the center post of mini-warehouses to provide complete locking security.

Flush Mount Lock

This flush mount lock’s most popular latch is designed for mini storage roll-up doors. The easy opening pull is used by thousands of storage facilities worldwide.

The Flush Mount Lock is manufactured using corrosion-resistant materials with a trade-approved cylinder and bearing assembly.

Our roll-up door slide latch is specially designed for automatic door systems. The result is that you get improved security. Stop investing in other systems and opt for our high-quality roll-up slide locks.

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