Flipping around a generously long hose allows you to navigate through the hard-to-reach corners of your gadgets. Albeit long cords reduce water pressure, and make work easier. Coupling extended hoses with a cord reel eliminates the pain of rolling back a stiff vinyl hose after work. And if you own one, you can attest that cleaning is fun rather than a daunting task.

You’ll be treated to all kinds of hoses in the market, ranging from the big pipes to the small compact varieties. Choosing a unit that satisfies your needs calls for wisdom and an excellent point to start with should be the quality. A durable one saves you time and multiple trips to a repair garage.

But when living through an era where ergonomics take precedence, reaching out to your hose should be as simple as taping a switch node. The most appealing one comes with a Bracket so you can mount your tool on a wall, super flexible, and if it is retractable, the merrier.

A retractable hose reel is a powerhouse of benefits; for instance,

Giraffe’s retractable hose reels provide stellar flexibility

The 180° rotation means you have control of your working area and the locking mechanism lets you pull a desirable length of the hose without having to litter your garage with cords. If unengaged, the super powerful spring rolls automatically back into the casing.

The positioning of your tools matters a lot, and Setting your gadget on the wall, creates extra space to install a deck or any other piece of equipment that adds value to your cleaning.

Giraffe’s retractable hose reel has aesthetic appeal and hygienic element

A retractable hose helps tidy up your garage or garden simply by holding the hose as one piece. It erases the phrase “I forgot to roll back the cord” or “I lack the energy to do it now” by coupling ingenuity with speed to put back the cord whenever it is not engaged.

That way, you keep the cord away from contact with grime and other pathogens. The casing, on the other hand, provides longevity. It encloses the cord protecting it from contact with direct sunlight. It is common knowledge that Uv-rays disintegrate plastic when left on the sun for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it suffices to say a casing prolongs the life of your hose.

Giraffe’s retractable hose reel stands wear and tear

Springs tend to lose tensile strength with time. But giraffe’s hose reel incorporates steel alloys, a critical element to check when looking to maintain the functionality of an automatic wheel. The longer it can maintain elasticity, the more cost-effective your unit is.

Similarly, the casing features unique and long-lasting ceramics 400 times more resistant than regular brands. You can swear by it to pull through constant pressure and remain fade-free even if it’s left in scorching sunlight.

Car detailers love giraffe’s retractable hose reel because it combines durability with convenience to make life easier. Other brands tend to kink easily, causing the client to replace them yearly.

Final thoughts

A good reel helps you simplify your work leading to high productivity. A good rule of thumb is to factor in convenience and durability when purchasing a new unit. Hose reels may seem relatively expensive but cheaper in the long run. They don’t break down easily and cut down the costs you would incur repairing them.

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