You might have seen your social media timelines flooded with videos of a new trend called resin art. People are drooling over resin art because of the striking outcomes. The products made using resin art have an exceptional finish, are level and are extremely neat.

People have already made numerous items using this art form, such as frames, coasters, dishes, trays, bookmarks, and so on! Even in furniture, folks have transformed their tables into epoxy wood tables.

Are you wondering what an epoxy wood table is? Get ready to embrace the exciting answer! An epoxy wood table is a combination of wood pieces and epoxy resin. Both the materials are structured in particular ratios to birth the unique piece of furniture.

This blog post describes the reasons for choosing an epoxy wood table over a simple wood table.

Reasons to Choose an Epoxy Wood Table over Simple Wood

An Alternative to the Same, Old Table Top

Epoxy wood tables are the best alternatives to the same old, bland, ragged table top. Imagine sitting next to a dull, lifeless table if you are already in a sore mood. It’s a long-lasting impact you would carry for the whole day. On the other hand, think of the pleasant changes along your way if you are taking your evening tea on a shiny, clean, evenly surfaced, vibrant table. So, such furniture pieces are must-haves for spreading positive vibes all around.


The durability of the epoxy wood table is superb. These are scratch and waterproof tables and are capable of bearing greater loads. Since epoxy tables are impervious to UV light and are resistant to corrosion, they are much more durable than wooden top tables. They will last for longer, maintain their finish, and shine.

Perfect for DIYing

If you are a DIYing fan and love to experiment, the epoxy wood table is the thing for you! You can either get a ready-made table top or can get to a nearby store to sort and buy the material for making a customized table top of your own. This will be the item that will stay with you forever, closer to your heart!

Excellent Designs and Variations

Since epoxy is a thick, flowy, glossy material that appears to have a galaxy of tiny sparkling stars, it gives every surface a lustrous appearance. You will see the colors whirling once you add them to the epoxy resin. They appear more striking than ever before.

The design options are numerous. You can have a tabletop with a supposed river flowing between two rough wood planks. Adding embellishments like shells, stones, geodes, pieces of wood, flowers, pebbles, and LED lights takes the game to the next level.


The best is to surround yourself with the people and things that excite you. A wood epoxy table is one such item. It would be best to choose a wood epoxy table over a simple one because of its eye-catching appearance and durability. Because it is an alternative to traditional, old-fashioned tables, selecting one for your living room will be brilliant. If you admire nature and want to grab a piece of beach for your living room, choose an epoxy wood table with a mini beach.

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