Flickering of the LED strip lights can be downright off-putting, especially if they are newly installed. Thus, the led strip flickering may stop you from thoroughly enjoying the lighting. Furthermore, the flickering may be a result of various reasons. Therefore, it is essential to know how to determine the causes of flickering and how to solve them. Below are five common reasons for the LED strip flickering.


5 common reasons for LED strip flickering

1. Incompatible parts

When the LED strip lighting system parts are incompatible, then flickering of the strip may occur. For example, if the electronic and magnetic parts used are incompatible, there may be fluctuations in the current or voltage; hence flickering may occur. One of the ways to solve the issue is by ensuring that all the parts used are compatible with one another. For example, it is essential to note that low voltage controllers or dimmers for dimmable drivers are not compatible. Additionally, you can remove the controllers or dimmers from the circuit to test whether the flickering will stop.


2. Poor connections

Sometimes, the LED strip lights may begin to flicker after the installation has been completed. One of the reasons for the flickering lights can be due to inconsistent and poor connections. Poor connections can lead to electrical circuit breaking. The apparent solution to LED strip lights flickering due to poor connections is to rectify the connection.


3. Inadequate power supply

An inadequate power supply can cause the LED strip light to flicker. The power source you use should give out enough power for the LED strip light to work efficiently. Furthermore, the wrong LED driver can also cause the light strip to flicker. An inadequate power supply can damage the light strip parts. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the light strip is connected correctly to the power source. Additionally, confirm that the power source is strong enough to support the LED strip light to prevent flickering.


4. Damaged LED strip light

Some elements such as dust and water can cause the strip light to wear down. The electrical circuit may break if the strip is damaged; thus, flickering occurs. The best solution is to use waterproof strip lights that prevent water from contacting the LED strip light parts. Additionally, you can choose to maintain the LED strip light by constantly removing accumulated dust.


5. LED voltage fluctuations

Fluctuations in voltage can lead to the LED strip lights flickering. A fixed voltage supply is essential for the light strip to work efficiently. A decrease in voltage can lead to the whole LED strip flickering. Additionally, the brightness may also dim. Furthermore, power supply overloading can also lead to flickering. Therefore, one of the solutions to the LED voltage fluctuations can be by using a shorter wire length if possible. Additionally, you can ensure that the middle of the LED strip light is connected to the power source.



The flickering of the LED strip lights is a common occurrence. But, the critical point to note is that it is essential to know the various reasons and solutions for the LED strip lights flickering. The above are some of the most common reasons for the LED strip lights flickering.

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