Spectacles are a modern fashion accessory and also have essential functions. They are popular despite the rise in contact wearing and correction surgeries like laser surgery. There is a vast selection of mens glasses in style. The styles, frames, colors, lenses, price, etc., all make it challenging to pick the ideal pair of eyeglasses. Men are not the best shoppers and spend little time doing it. Identifying the kind of eyewear they need quickly will make things simpler. We talk about the type of popular eyeglasses for men below.

Various popular eyeglasses for men

It’s necessary to have your eyes checked before buying some glasses. The optician will write the ideal prescription for you, and all you do is choose the frames and any add-ons. However, there is no need for this if the glasses are just for dressing and the eyes have no problem. The main types are;

Prescription glasses

They are prescribed to you by the doctor and have lenses to improve your vision. The lenses vary according to your eye needs, and the optician understands this better. Examples of these lenses are single vision, progressives, bifocals, and trifocals. They treat problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s easier for most men to get this type of glasses compared to others.

Blue light glasses

They are also known as computer glasses or digital protection glasses. They protect the eyes from the harmful blue light from our phones, computers, and TVs. They are trendy among those who spend most of their time staring at these gadgets. The blue light tampers with your sleeping schedule, so these glasses try to improve it. You can now buy the best blue light glasses online.

Reading glasses

You can have them via prescription or Over-the-Counter. The first type is better if you have different visions in each eye. You can purchase the OTC reading glasses if both eyes have similar reading strengths. The glasses help you see things up close when reading books or working on the computer. They reduce eye strain, headaches, and double vision too. Are you experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms? These glasses will come in handy.


They are very popular, and you can buy them anytime. Most people buy these glasses to keep up with style or when travelling to places with a lot of sun exposure. A prescription isn’t necessary when buying these glasses. However, if you have an eye problem or a significant concern, you will need expert guidance. The lenses are usually polarized or filled with UV protection treatments to prevent harmful rays from reaching your eyes.


The popular glasses for men above are the most common. A rare addition can be the safety glasses. They are popular among workers in construction sites, labs, repair shops, etc. As the name suggests, their main work is to protect your eyes. Custom glasses for styling purposes are also a thing. You can find any type of eyeglasses provided you identify the need first. GlassesShop is the best store to buy any of the mentioned eyeglasses.

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