Traditional dreadlocks are a thing from years back. We all know the process and time it takes to have fully grown healthy locs, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. People found a new way to get the same look in a shorter period, using human hair dreadlock extensions. You can choose the type of hair and length you like to show off your dreadlocks. The human hair extensions are light and look real, much like natural hair. Here are ways for human hair dreadlock extensions maintenance.

How to maintain human hair dreadlock extensions

Once you have acquired your human hair dreadlock extensions, the next step is to have them perfectly installed. But that is not all you can do; ensure you maintain them for longevity and aesthetics. The extensions are among the best protective hairstyles. They are easy to style and maintain, and below are methods to keep them looking okay.

Have a clean scalp

This is necessary for all hairstyles. But, it’s crucial in this case to prevent buildup from sticking within the lock during the locking process. Clean before installing the extensions and during the wearing period. Wash the scalp once a week with suitable products and dry thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth. Cleaning is good for your dreadlocks and general scalp health. Failure to do so will make you quite uncomfortable, forcing you to do away with them.

Keep the dreads hydrated

The locking and tangling of strands make the hair dry and proper hydration provides needed moisture to the hair. Also, the sun, salty water, or dyes suck moisture from the hair and may break or appear matte. Use moisturizing conditioners when washing and essential oils after drying. Most people forget the actual locs and oil and scalp only. Spray the dreadlock extensions with your favorite oils to get a shiny, glossy look. Choose good quality hair products and avoid products with sulfate as it contributes to dryness.

Retwist the hair

You can visit a hair stylist for retwisting or retouching it yourself. The ideal time to do this is every six to eight weeks, depending on your hair type. Some have hair that grows pretty fast compared to others. Fast-growing hair may need retwisting before the six-week mark, which is still okay. The process helps retain the dreadlock’s form and neatness.

Wear a silk cap while sleeping

The cap prevents hair breakage due to rubbing on the pillow. Satin allows airflow to the hair, which is necessary, and protects it from dirt particles. The locs stay hydrated throughout, which highly contributes to their appearance. The silk cap also keeps them intact and in shape. However, ensure you have the right choice of silk cap for your comfort.


Maintenance is crucial for any hair. Most people who go for human hair dreadlock extensions want them for permanency. The tips above help prolong their longevity, keeping them healthy, fuller and intact. Wash to avoid dirt buildup, hydrate by oiling, retwist for neatness and sleep in a silk cap. This way, your hair remains and looks fresh for more extended periods.

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