A bob wig is a wig cut in the bob hairstyle. A bob style wig is an attractive hairpiece that anyone can wear on various occasions. This hairstyle is beautiful and classy and can be worn by women of all ages, races, and facial features. Bob wigs come in multiple styles and colors. There are blonde, ginger, and highlighted blonde wigs. There are also straight and curly bob wigs to choose from. Regardless of your choice, you must do a few things before you wear a bob style wig for the first time.

How to break in your bob style wig

Many people assume that when you get a wig, bob style wig or not, there is nothing to do but put it on. However, this is far from the truth. There are a few things you can do to break in your wig. Below are some of these things;

1. Trimming a bob style wig

The first thing you must do to break in your bob style wig before walking out the door with it on your head is trimming. You must first place the wig on your head or a mannequin head here. This way, you have a clear picture of what you are working with. The first part of the wig you must trim is the lace. More often than not, lace front wigs come with extra lace hanging at the front. It would be wise to map out your hairline before trimming the excess lace. Ensure to leave a bit of extra lace at the front for installation.

You may also need to trim the ends slightly with a bob style wig. Here, you must be extremely careful not to overdo it or go against the patterns. If you do not trust your ability to trim the edges without damaging the wig, it would help to seek assistance from a professional hairstylist.

2. Tweezing a bob style wig

After trimming the lace and the edges, the next step is tweezing. This is where you pluck a few of the hairs at the front of the wig. Tweezing helps make the wig look tamer and gives it a natural look along the hairline. You may also want to tweeze the hairs along the part with a bob wig. However, you must be keen not to pluck too much of the hairs and leave the part looking exaggerated.

3. Combing and oiling your bob style wig

Combing and oiling is also a significant part of breaking in a new bob-style wig. Oiling the wig helps tame the hairs and makes it look better. Ensure to use the right oil for the type of wig you own. After applying the right quantity of oil to the wig, you can now comb it and detangle it.


After completing the steps above, you can put the wig on your head and comb it again. A bob-style wig is a great product to own because it does not require much maintenance. For instance, the wig is easy to comb and detangle, thanks to the hair length.

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