613 blonde wig is a bleached and dyed high-quality human hair wig. It has a light color that allows you to change it to your preferred color. If you are confident enough and would like to boost your style and sense of security, you should consider getting a 613 blonde wig. The only type of hair that you can bleach to a 613 color is fine virgin hair. 613 is primarily a blonde color.

How long does the 613 lace frontal wig last installed?

613 blonde wigs are normally installed with the help of a laced tape or glue. They last between fourteen to thirty days before requiring a major retouch. However, it would help if you kept in mind that when the frontal lace wigs stay on your head for so long, they might become irritative and significantly damage your hairline.

To prevent damaging your hairline, you should stay with your wig on for not more than three weeks. At the elapse of three weeks, you should consider removing or reinstalling it after thorough washing. Consequently, you would protect yourself from irritation and skin damages.

How do you tone a 613 wig?

You can always tell how good a wig is, especially after toning. When toning your 613 wigs, you should first apply some vaseline to the lace. Vaseline protects the lace from stains. First, begin with the roots of the wig as you slowly spread the toner around it. Afterward, leave the wig for approximately 10 minutes before applying the toner to the best of the wig.

Apply the toner to the rest of the wig and wash it when you have evenly applied the toner to the whole of the wig. Use a blow dryer to dry the wig off excess water until it is dry. Use the mini portable flat iron to straighten the wig before applying the 613 blonde wigs.

Once you apply the wig, pay close attention to the finishing part that comprises give the wig an attractive look. Cut out any visible hanging lace and stick the rest using a lace glue or contour. Liftoff any baby hair and trim them before relaxing them on the forehead to create a natural look between the hairline and the lace.

Swim, sweat, or wash a lace front wig?

You can swim with your 613-lace frontal wig without getting it messed up. It would be best if you kept in mind that the lace trim should not flip in water. That means you need to use a waterproof adhesive when applying the weave.

Similarly, you may wash your hair when still wearing your 613 lace front wigs. However, it would help if you made sure the wash is gentle enough, free from sulfates, and moisturized the wig so as not to damage it. You should wash the wig from the top downwards and rinse well using clean water.

Sweating is a normal body function, and you may not be able to resist, especially when engaged in vigorous activities. When you think sweating will be a problem that you have to deal with, it will help if you carry a cotton wig cap to help trap the sweat during rigorous activity.

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