Traditionally, ginger hair was one of the least accepted hair colors. People with natural ginger hair, commonly known as ginger heads, suffered constant ridicule. However, with time, things have changed significantly. Not only have people stopped making fun of people with this hair color, but people have also started purchasing ginger wigs. According to research, only around one to two percent of the population has a natural ginger wig. The rarety of this hair is one of the reasons why more people are currently into it. Ginger wigs are currently quite popular. For this reason, this post discusses ginger hair maintenance.

Tips for maintaining ginger hair

The following guide will help you manage your ginger hair wigs and maintain the color;

1.  Use color depositing shampoo when cleaning the hair wig

Cleaning your wig is an integral part of maintaining it. Cleaning will help maintain your wig’s aesthetic appeal and quality for longer. The shampoo is essential for washing wigs, as with natural hair. However, cleaning a ginger wig is not the same as other types of wigs. For instance, you will require a specific type of shampoo with a ginger wig. A color depositing shampoo will help you maintain the wig’s color, its aesthetics, help promote a healthy shine and clean the wig. You can also use toning shampoo for the job.

2.  Use hydrating conditioner for your ginger hair

Another essential tip for maintaining your ginger wig or dyed ginger hair is using a moisturizing shampoo. For ginger-colored natural hair, the conditioner will help add elements like parabens and nutrients that will strengthen your hair. However, a hydrating conditioner will help keep the hair luminous and shiny for a ginger wig. The conditioner may also help keep the hair from breaking or getting damaged. This will help it last longer.

3. Avoid applying constant heat to your hair

Heat is one of the most damaging elements you could expose your hair to, wig or not. Heat causes the hair strands to get damaged and thin. It may also completely damage the wig if it is not made from human hair. Also, the heat could damage the wig cap or the base by burning it. Most of the time, even if the hair is heat-resistant, the base is not.

How often should you wash your ginger hair wig?

There is no standard amount of time to wait before washing a wig. It all depends on how often you wear it, your storage, and your hair type. It is worth noting that the more you wash your ginger hair, the more its color will fade. This is especially the case if you do not use the appropriate products. However, it is also worth understanding that fading may not occur if the wig is made from natural ginger human hair.


Ginger is one of the most unique and stylish hair colors you could have. However, you must be wise about your outfit choices with ginger hair, especially the colors. When picking out clothes, you may have to ensure they match your hair color. The same applies to your makeup choices.

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