If you have decided on growing plants hydroponically, you need to get your space ready and sorted out. Another thing you must do is get the appropriate hydroponic equipment. If you don’t have the right equipment, your plants can suffer and might not even grow. You can buy the required equipment online from a hydroponics equipment supplier.

But there is one issue. How do you decide which equipment to buy? If you are also stuck in this complication, this guide will tell you about all the necessary hydroponic equipment you must have. Let’s get started.

Essential Hydroponics Equipment worth Investing

Water Pump

To grow plants in a hydroponic system, you need to provide them with water and nutrient solution in their bed to help them grow. This can be done by using a hydroponic water pump. The hydroponic water pump will circulate the water and a solution of nutrients from a reservoir to the place where plants are growing.

You need to consider some points before investing in a water pump. For example, the target flow rates, the delivery height, ease of maintaining the machine, size of the output tube, and more.

Grow Lights

Hydroponic plants are grown in an enclosed space with little to no natural light. In some cases, windows might be available to provide light to young plants. But soon, the plants would need more light to grow properly. So, you would need to invest in a grow light.

The light you purchase will depend on the plants you are growing, as different plants need different types of lights. Various grow lights include fluorescent lights, LEDs, high-pressure sodium, metal halides, and more.

Fluorescent lights provide intense light to the plants without emitting too much heat. These are perfect for your hydroponic plants as they need just the right light without the overbearing heat.

Meters to Measure Growth Conditions

For optimal growth, the conditions in the surroundings of the hydroponic plants need to be monitored closely. For example, you should ensure the plants’ temperature remains moderate. It shouldn’t be too hot or cold. Other factors to check and control include humidity, light intensity, and more.

To tackle this issue, you should invest in a meter to help you measure growth conditions. Different meters are available for various factors like a thermometer for temperature, meters for electrical conductivity, and a hygrometer for humidity.

Hydroponic Trays and Pots

The hydroponic trays and pots you use will depend on the type of hydroponic system you are using. The most common type is the ebb and flow system, where water is pumped into the grow bed and then allowed to flow back out. This process is repeated at regular intervals.

For this system, you would need deep trays or pots so that the roots of the plants are submerged when the water is pumped in. The trays and pots must also have drainage holes to allow the water to flow back out.

Other hydroponic systems include the NFT system, Drip system, Aeroponic system, and more. Each system uses different types of hydroponic trays and pots.


Before getting started on the journey to grow hydroponic plants, make sure to do lots of research. Understand the growing requirements for these plants as they need different conditions for growth than plants that grow in the soil. If you are just starting, start with this guide about hydroponic equipment, which is a must for hydroponic plants. Get to planting your favorite ones.

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