Your rattan chair can be a very cute part of your home; hence it is very annoying when it damages. Fixing it, however, is something you can do independently. This article will guide you on the best fix for a rattan chair.

Move chair aside from public use

A rattan chair is very attractive from a distance and when you get close. When you move closer, the attraction moves from just beauty and transitions into becoming tempting to sit on the chair. Therefore, when there is any fault, you need first to confirm. After confirmation, the next step is to take the chair away from the public eye. Even if it is a minor fault, it will only worsen when it still does the usual activities. Therefore, you need to take it away quickly.

Clean Chair properly before repairs

Cleaning a rattan chair is not a task that always comes to mind. So often, there is always some iota of dirt on the item. The fault you want to clean presents a good opportunity to clean the item well. Try your best to clean the rattan chair with a dry and soft brush. After that, you can use a damp cloth to remove tough stains, and stains that have lasted years.

Reduce all loose holes with your screwdriver

Over time and use, the rattan in your chair may become loose, leaving certain holes in between the chairs. If these holes are the problem, then using a screwdriver will solve many issues. If this is not the main problem, you should work on reducing the holes in your rattan before repairing the other sides. All you need is the flat side of the screwdriver. With that flat end, you can easily raise the screwdriver and tighten it.

Remove strand totally

Most of the time, the problem with your rattan chair is always with the strands. Either a particular strand is weak and coming off on its own, or there is another problem. If you are lucky, the strand may still be strong, but it is not in place because of a loose end. An easy solution, in this case, is to glue the loose end back to shape. But when the problem is with the whole strand, you do not have to use glue. Removing it is the best option.

Get the exact length of bad strand

When you remove the strand that is having issues, you need to check the length of that strand. The idea is to get the same or a better strand that will fit into the color, thickness, and design of the existing rattan chair.

Immerse in water

When you buy the new strand for the replacement, you may first need to put that strand in water for a few minutes. You want the strand to be easy to work with enough flexibility.  Ensure you make it dry before you continue the process. After that, you will need to apply glue to the back of the strand. Using waterproof glue is the best because you may have a wet stand. After that, hang it back in place with the super glue.

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