Trying to buy a women crystal necklace without prior knowledge can be a daunting challenge for anyone. Crystal necklaces are beautiful pieces, and when you are buying from a store with good products, choosing one is not easy. Often, you will have more than three options that you love, causing a bit of confusion. The best way you can avoid this confusion is to ensure you do your research before you leave your home or search for crystal necklaces. The first thing you need to ensure is why you are buying the crystal necklace.

Crystal necklaces are great for a number of reasons, aside from fashion and beauty. Crystal necklaces can be used for healing and other meaningful purposes. Because of the usefulness of crystal necklaces, it is hard to find too many crystal manufacturers. This makes people think there are special processes to make crystal necklaces. However, the crystals on your necklace are the only complex part of the crystal necklace. Luckily, these crystals are something you can make from the comfort of your home using some standard equipment and materials. Also, to make the crystals properly, you have to follow the right processes. We will take you through the process of making crystals at your home. Let’s go

Get All Necessary Materials and ingredients

Making crystals in your home is not going to perform with your hands. You will need a lot of technical tools and materials to make the crystals. Without these materials, you should not think of making crystals, as it will not be a possibility. Some of the tools you will need include a jar. Crystal chemical, hot water. Plate, amongst others. If you have these tools, let’s get to the process.

Put hot water in a jar

The jar and the hot water are the first ingredients and tools to come into play. Depending on your jar size, you can fill up the jar. If this jar is quite big, then 100Ml will be more than enough. The water has to be quite hot, but it does not necessarily mean you should go and get boiling water. If you have a water heater, the hot water coming from the tap is fine.

Saturate crystal-chemical in the hot water

You can not just make crystals out of the blue. If you want to make crystals from the comfort of your home, you will need crystal chemicals. Yes, there are different chemicals you can use to make crystals. You have the liberty to choose based on the result you desire. It is one thing to add the chemical into the hot water; it is another to ensure that the control dissolves appropriately.

After dissolving, filter the solution

When your water and crystal chemicals have been together, filtering the solution is one of the best things you can do. You will need a filter paper to ensure you are filtering correctly. After that, you can now dry the solution on a plate. This should already give you some new crystals. Larger crystals, on the other hand, use small ones.

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