Pressure washing, the easiest and efficient way of cleaning off dirt/stains in almost every part of the house, has become widely used in today’s world. However, most people complain about the pressure washers’ damages to their homes. While pressure washers can be used to clean off the dirt in almost any place in the house, there are still different pressure washers for various purposes. It’s essential to choose the right one for the task you want to perform.

How do you pick out the pressure washer perfect for you with all the different specifications and features? How do you identify the best pressure washer suitable for almost all the tasks at your house? This article will answer all these questions for you and more by providing different factors to consider before buying your pressure washer.

4 Factors to Consider in a Pressure Washer

Pressure Rating

This is one of the most important factors to consider before buying your pressure washer. Pressure rating is the force at which water rushes out of the washer, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). The PSI of the pressure washer you should buy should be entirely dependent on what you intend to use your washer to clean. For example, if you would be mostly cleaning mud-stained floors, cooking grills, or you want to clean commercially, you should purchase a pressure washer with a higher PSI (around 1000psi – 4000psi ). However, if you simply need to clean your car or furniture, a low PSI ( around 1,000psi – 1,300psi) would suffice.

Gallon Per Minute (GPM) Rating

This is the volume of water a washer releases at a given pressure. So basically, the higher the GPM of a washer, the faster it gets the cleaning done. For household use (cleaning small mud and dirt), you don’t need a washer with a GPM above the range of 1-4gallons/minute. But to clean large surface areas or to clean commercially, you’ll definitely need a pressure washer with a high GPM to be more efficient.

Power Source 

It’s also important to know how your pressure washer is powered and the one you can afford. It could be a gas-powered washer whose engines are more powerful and high PSI rating. Another option is the electric-powered pressure washer that sometimes comes with a battery that can be charged and is a lot easier to use and maintain.


The nozzle does a great job of controlling the flow rate whether you want it to spray or you want it in droplets. Different kinds of nozzles (red, green, yellow, white, and rotating nozzles ) are used for various purposes.  The nozzle is also available in different modes of 2,3,  4-Mode Nozzle and above, which include different pressure styles like (the rain& massaging, rain & water column, etc.), all you have to do is to select which one fits the area you want to clean and use it.


It would help if you considered these factors before buying your pressure washer so you can enjoy the use of your machine without being bothered about damaging your house or not.

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