Document cameras are the best device for your educational and personal needs, combining simplicity and versatility. Suitable for use in low light conditions. Portable and compact. This is an acquisition you will never regret.

A document camera is a versatile device that can take photos, record videos, scan objects, and more. Because they are so versatile, the best document camera for teachers can be adapted and used in almost countless projects. But they are not the only people to benefit the most from these cameras.

Here are some of the ways you can use a document camera:

Zoom in on the projected object

It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting a simple circuit board or looking at a simple document. The document camera will allow everyone to see every small detail of the item or object you’re showing.

If it has an optical zoom, it will very useful for biology presentations. Especially to those who enjoy showing live video from microscopes or even simply show a sample and discuss its subject.

Read between the lines

For those who enjoy analyzing projects, document cameras are a very useful option. They allow for annotations on the passages, highlighting important sentences. A document camera with a text optimization feature allows the user to control the contrast, thus making even darker pages easier to read.

Record and share lessons.

Many document cameras also come equipped with built-in microphones and webcams. They allow the teacher to record the lesson about the object or document. With enough storage, be either on the recorder’s internal memory, computer, or even SD Card, you can save whole lessons.

After that, you can upload them on any video platform and share them with everyone. That’s especially good for pre-recorded courses.

Help note-takers catch up

If your document camera has the ability to split the screen, note-takers will be very happy. That’s because it will allow them to see the live video on one side and the object image on the other.

For instance, in a science lesson, you can share a still from the microscope while explaining something from the live feed at the same time.

Replace your scanner

A good document camera with image capture will replace your normal scanner completely. It can scan documents, book pages, and even class notes. Because of that, you can make a digital copy and share it with your class easily. All you have to do is upload it somewhere.

Liven up your lesson

Document Cameras can be used to make any class fun. They also allow you to play games that anyone can see. Be it hangman or a board game, these cameras let you fill the board with the rules or the game itself.

And since some document cameras are portable, they can be taken anywhere. With that, you’ll be able to use them in any lesson and class at anytime. Because of all the versatile ways you can use them, they are a must for every teacher and speaker.

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