Do you ever wonder if it takes an hour or two to pressure wash concrete floors? In most cases, there is no correct answer to this question. The usage will significantly depend on the size of the floor, the type of surface you are cleaning, and water pressure.

But, to determine this answer, you will have to start by working out the operating condition of your machine. The first thing is to do a pressure test using the tools with your pressure washing unit. The average two-quartered pressure washing machine can adequately clean up to 300 square feet of concrete in the space of one hour, which is a fact that some dealers may not want to tell you!

If you use a suitable pressure washing machine, you will find that washing anything to be spotless clean is as simple as flipping a switch. This industrial pressure washer utilizes reliability and dependability to make everything look easy. You will find such a machine to be effective since it will give you the performance of the heavy, cast iron wheel pressure washers, all at a more than competitive price. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or just accidents, you will be glad you have such a unit to clean up those messes.

Why Use Pressure Washers?

Almost everyone uses pressure washers to get rid of that grunge, dirty and grime. These machines have become so popular for their ease and effectiveness. Most industrial-size pressure washers have a large flow capacity, ranging from 5-15 gallons per minute, enough to put through a significant house or shop. Industrial pressure washers can produce up to 6 GPM of water, with many models also having multiple spray-pattern options. The most common spray pattern used is back and forth, interlocking, overlapping circles of spray, known as jet washing.

These models usually have a 3 to 9 horsepower motor. There is so much that can happen after one hour of pressure washing with such a pressure washer. For instance, a professional pressure washer will cut through 8 times as much dirt material per gallon as an existing residential washer, which means it will take 10 times longer (one hour compared to one minute).

In the current landscape of pressure washing, pricing is king. It’s no longer enough to be the best in your market. Many factors affect the price of industrial pressure washers. Among the two most crucial factors are the amount of time the machine spends cleaning and the size of its cleaning area. You need to influence and sometimes even control what your customers see at the bottom line.

Your industrial pressure washers will give you the power to compete! For instance, it should feature multiple spray pattern options, residential and commercial performance, affordability, and durability that no other brand can offer- at a very competitive price. This way, you will be confident this machine will help elevate your business by building a winning brand and providing customers with a great product.

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