Human hair wigs are the closest things to natural hair you can get. They are made from real hair donated by individuals from different parts of the world. Nowadays, you can find cheap human hair wigs if you check the right places. This write-up covers some of the top human hair FAQs.

Human hair wig FAQs

The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about human hair wigs;

1. What is the difference between human hair and Remy hair?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to differentiating human hair and Remy hair. Some people assume that they mean the same thing. However, this is not the case. The primary difference between human hair and Remy hair is in the cuticles. In Remy hair, manufacturers usually have the hair cuticles adjusted correctly in a uniform direction. This is usually highly beneficial to the aesthetics and quality of the hair. However, it can also be disadvantageous. Remy hair is more prone to tangling and matting.

On the other hand, human hair usually has its cuticles as they were when they were sourced from their human donors. Note that Remy hair is also often referred to as a finer or refined quality of human hair.

2. How often should you clean your human hair wig?

Many people also do not know exactly how long they should wait before washing their human hair wigs. You must understand that, unlike natural hair, wigs must not be washed so often. Natural hair usually absorbs natural oils from the scalp and must be washed at least a couple of times per week. This is not the case with wigs, whether human hair or not. Your human hair wig can be washed once or twice per month.

Kindly note that the regularity at which you wash your wig rests on the frequency of wearing it. For instance, if you wear your wig daily, you may wash it after around ten days to two weeks. On the other hand, if you wear the wig a few times, you can go up to a few months without washing it. Regardless, you must note that washing your human hair wig is essential. It helps maintain its aesthetic appeal and quality.

3. How much heat can a human hair wig be exposed to?

One of the best elements about human hair wigs is that they can withstand heat treatments. However, like natural hair, they are not built to withstand constant heat. Constant heat can cause the hair to break and thin. Therefore, it would be wise to go around a week in between heat exposure.

4. Can you find cheap human hair wigs?

One of the commonly known facts about human hair wigs is that they are pricey. However, you can always find cheap human hair wigs by shopping from stores with discounts and deals. However, it would help if you remembered that exceptionally cheap human hair wigs are often counterfeit. This means that their quality and authenticity are usually lacking.


You can find all the information you need about human hair wigs by taking advantage of the power of the internet. However, it would help if you were careful not to trust every information you find on the internet. Ensure to go for information from trustworthy and highly reputable brands and sources.

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