In the modern-day world, photography has become extremely easy due to the advent of mobile phones. A few years back, people captured moments in vast and costly cameras. Now, mobile phones are also equipped with high-resolution cameras for the best results. Many people earn through photography.

Huawei Next Image Awards 

Huawei Next Image Awards is considered the world’s largest photography competition using smartphones. Every year they announce a theme, and the pictures are bound to be according to that theme. The competition started in 2017, and since then, more than two million entries have been observed. Different photographers from different parts of the world from diverse backgrounds judge all pictures by all entries to choose the best three images. Click here to know more about Huawei Next-image Awards


They have announced different categories to make the participants explore also the other features of their phones. Moreover, it would ease them because each person focuses on one particular clicking style. These categories are:


Aiming towards Capturing the inherent character in addition to personality of the subject.


Showing variations of only one colour makes the audience focus and not get distracted.


The total opposite of monochrome. The pictures are also filled with highly vibrant colours.


 A spontaneous and quick shot without focusing on any subject is a snapshot.


As the name suggests, capturing images at night.


We are producing large images of distant objects.

Super Wide Angle

It involves using an ultra-wide lens to produce enlarged and also detailed images of more extensive views.

Super Macro

It is the art of capturing close-up images of objects without distorting their size.

Story Creator

Another exciting category is story creating. It could be a life story, too; This video will also show his skills in terms of creativity.

Story Teller

It is different from other categories because it also allows the participant to submit more than one entry in a group. It is also the same as a short video but in photos. The pictures will all focus on one story.

Winning Prize

Winners are selected in this way:

  • Photographer of the year goes to three people. The prize is $10,000, along with an electronic certificate also.
  • Next comes twenty-seven category winners. They will also get $1000 along with an electronic certificate.
  • Thirty winners would also receive HUAWEI WATCH 3 along with an electronic certificate.
  • The student focus award would be for ten final winners. They would also receive $1000, HUAWEI P50, and an electronic certificate.

Entry Procedure

There are two ways to submit your entries; either you can upload your pictures directly on the competition webpage, or you can get connected to fans all over the world by the messaging feature available on the website.


If you are an amateur photographer or someone who loves capturing moments, this is your chance. It is the best way to appreciate the work of a photographer. To apply for this award scheme to get your reward.

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