Stone crusher machines and pulverizers are mainly used in the following areas: mining, metallurgical industry, building materials industry. Now there are many types and models of stone crusher machines and pulverizers. Here we introduce some tips for choosing a suitable stone crusher machine.

The first step you should do before using the stone crusher machine is to check whether all screws are tightened, no loose parts inside. The equipment should be refueled. Otherwise, it can not start.

First, you should know how to maintain the stone industrial crusher machine operation. If the equipment is water-cooling system should be timely cleaned. Especially when using a roller crusher, should pay attention to adjusting the clearance between the rollers and the grate board to ensure no impact on the life of the roller and grate board.

Tip #1)

In stone production, you should adjust the machine speed according to the actual situation to achieve a good crushing effect. If you have a giant hammer, the rate can be slightly increased. The inertia of a small hammer is not much, so it must work at a higher speed for a long time.

Otherwise, due to excessive wear on the impact plate and piston surface, there will be impact results when they hit each other, leading to severe damage or even broken parts! So when choosing a filling material in the crushing chamber, it must pay attention to reducing its hardness and strength by mixing with other materials to prolong the machine’s service life.

Tip #2)

The power generated by the stone crusher needs to be taken care of properly during the transportation, storage, and recycling process. Particles greater than 5mm generated by crushing equipment must not be discharged into the atmosphere but must be transported with waste air for recycling at a specific ratio.

A cyclone is usually used as a dust collector, which can separate large particles from dust-laden gas streams generated when coal or ore is crushed using cone crushers or gyratory crushers. In many applications, it may also be desirable to cool and clean these gas streams before they are introduced into a cyclone separator to achieve more efficient operation.

Tip #3)

If there is water vapor in the dust-laden gas stream, you must remove it first. The best way to do this is to use a bag filter quickly filled with suitable filter paper. A cyclone that collects fine particles of less than 100 µm diameter also has an excellent cooling effect.

Tip #4)

When using stone crusher machines or pulverizers, please pay attention to reducing the hydraulic cylinder speed according to the actual situation to prolong the service life of wear parts. During work, you should always check if there are vibrations on rotating shafts and reduce operating speeds if necessary; try not to overload the working machine; make sure that all moving parts are lubricated regularly according to specifications. Try not to work in case of abnormal noise, vibration, or leaks.

Tip #5)

Stone crushers can be used as a secondary crushing machine for medium-hard materials, usually crushed by cone crusher and gyratory crusher. Due to its low cost, easy maintenance, high efficiency, and wide application range, the stone jaw crusher is now the most widely used crushing machine in medium-hard, brittle materials such as iron ore, granite, etc.

In addition to medium-hard brittle materials, it is also often used as a secondary crushing machine for soft ores such as coal gangue and limestone. Stone impact crusher is widely used in the metallurgy field and commonly used in the chemical industry and construction material fields.

Tip #6)

Stone crusher machines or pulverizers have been widely applied in the metallurgy, building material, and chemical industries. Stone jaw crusher is now the most commonly used crushing machine in medium-hard, brittle materials such as iron ore, granite, etc.

Tip #7)

The oil should be lubricated into the bearing promptly to avoid wear and tear of wearing parts, resulting in reduced production efficiency and increased cost. In addition, when transporting stone crusher machines or pulverizers, please try your best not to turn over their bodies, leading to severe damage or equipment failure. It is usually installed at a fixed angle during installation and dismantling to prevent the equipment from being damaged in transportation.


Stone crusher machines or pulverizers are widely used in many industries, such as the metallurgy industry, chemical industry, and construction material industry. To ensure the prompt delivery of stone crusher machines or pulverizers to customers, manufacturers must strictly control product quality; they should also consider the methods that can be used to achieve efficient use of stone crusher machines or pulverizers to reduce investment costs.

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